Live Radio Interview with Gail Lee Martin

Announcement from Gerald Brazil:

“This Thursday, November 3rd, at 9 am Central Time, Phil Johnston will be doing his Greenwood County history program on KOTE-FM. I expect that it will be one of his best.

Phil will be talking about the book, “My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in the Flint Hills of Kansas” by Gail Lee Martin.

Gail grew up in the 30’s in the oil fields of Greenwood County and her book paints a very real picture of the time and place. This is a background very similar to Phil’s own personal history so I am sure it holds special meaning for him. In addition to discussing the book I understand Phil is going to be having a live phone conversation with Gail.

Gail’s book is not only well written, it is beautifully and professionally crafted with black and white photographs integrated with the text. Gail’s book won the 2010 Kansas Authors Club’s Ferguson Kansas History Award.

So remember, visit KOTE-FM’s “listen online” at 9 AM (Greenwood County Time/Central Time Zone). Just click on “listen live.”

Vintage On The Air Microphone print
Vintage On The Air Microphone by bluewren08


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