Contact the Author’s Daughter

Gail Martin giving a talk on Mother's Apron

Gail Martin giving a talk on Mother’s Apron

You can write to

Gail Martin’s daughter at:

Virginia Allain

519 Santavita Place

Poinciana Fl 34759

Phone: 863-427-2830

To send email, click here.


One Response to “Contact the Author’s Daughter”

  1. Eugene Stafford Says:

    We just finished spending our 20th Wedding anniversary visiting Teter Rock. When we got home, started looking on the internet for some history of Teterville and stumbled on to the excerpt of Jolly the badger from your book.
    You stated “We were living in the Phillip’s oil camp.” Where about was that. Burkett?? Any way – enjoyed the story. I probably have heard the story at one of our family gatherings, but was too young to listen to “Aunt Gail”.
    Enjoyed your website. Keep up the good work.
    Eugene Stafford

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