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  • It’s my Big Sister, Gail Martin! I’m so proud of her, and I know Mother and Daddy are too. It’s a great book, and along with the many photos, brings to life what it was like growing up in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  (C.J. Garriott)C.J. Garriott
  • I loved the story of the badger in the book, as I love all pet stories.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of your childhood.  Be blessed —- (Cynthia Bebon)
  • Ok, you are the BEST! Your description of Saturday at the movies prompted much reminiscing by my 92 year old Mom and me. You guys must have been at the same theater (or they were all like that!). Thanks so much. This is a wonderful story. (GottaLoveIt)
  • I loved the story about decorating for Christmas. The glimpse of your life in those days was so interesting and wonderful. What a contrast to the commercial holiday of today.   I loved your descriptions and the pictures are great (especially the ones with the Halloween memories). Great reading!  (Mandica)
  • I particularly liked reading about the prairie dolls.  Very sweet and nostalgic story. Thanks for sharing this dying art with us.  (Cherst)
  • You are a wonderful writer.  Thank you for sharing.  (Veryirie)
  • You are such an inspiration, I love all of the stories I’ve read so far.  I checked out your book on Blurb, how fascinating!  (Cindy Sully)
  • I am always riveted to your storylines… you have a flair for drama and detail. I’m glad you’re writing your memoirs in book form, it will be a hit ! (Shirley Philbrick)
  • Love reading your stories.  I never want them to end.  (J.M. Knudson)
  • The health remedies bring back some great memories of growing up.  Thank you for it.  (Kimi from eHow)
  • I enjoy your stories sooooo much! You inspire me!!!!  I recommend you.  (MotherNN)     
  • Posted 07/25/2009 by Betty (BJ) Roan (from – Congratulations Gail. This is such a marvelous idea. I stopped off to read the first few pages, and it is everything one would expect from such a wonderful writer. BJ
  • Posted 07/21/2009
    Gail is a wonderful person and her life’s experiences would enrich all those who get to share them through this book.  Love, Sabina from

slp0818 says Writing so colorful, you’ll find yourself transported in time. posted on on Oct 23, 2009

grannygigigrannygigi says Gail, I am loving reading this book online but had to stop for a while before I went blind!!!  I have ordered the book and will be using it to show my children and grandchildren parts of their family history. Thank you so much for writing this. You distant cousin, Virginia S.  posted on on Oct 23, 2009
These are from fellow writers on the eHow site where Gail writes how-to articles.

on 2/8/2009 This is enchanting! I was there with you, munching the buttery popcorn and sliding the cranberries onto the string . . . I just love the way you recount the simpler times of days gone by. Thank you for sharing. Five well deserved stars! *****

mandica Mandica said on 12/13/2008 I loved this article. The glimpse of your life in those days was so interesting and wonderful. What a contrast to the commercial holiday of today . . .
slphilbrick  slphilbrick said on 9/6/2008 Very vivid description ! Beautiful !
susanh  Susanh said on 9/2/2008 This article is so precious and wonderful. My brother and I made paper chains every year for our tree. We would put them on the tree and our mantel. I echo JMKnudson when I say, “Please keep writing!”

awanchicAnne Wanchic said on 9/1/2008 What beautiful memories you have. I will be adopting some of your traditions this Christmas season.

jmknudson  JMKnudson said on 8/29/2008 You have a beautiful way of taking a reader into a story. Please keep writing!

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