Gail’s Second Book Is Now Out

Cora and Ren Martin
Cora and Ren Martin

Gail Martin’s profiles her husband in the book Clyde Owen Martin: Family Memories of His Life and Times. It also traces the Martin, Joy and  Kennedy family history in Kansas. It brings alive Douglas County, Greenwood County and Butler County history ranging from territorial strife to the El Dorado oil boom. Two of her daughters, Virginia Allain and Cynthia Ross, contributed to the book as well.
The heritage hardback edition (the same size as My Flint Hills Childhood) is now available in the Blurb online bookstore for preview. The black-and-white paperback version will be out very soon.

Here’s the Table of Contents for the book:

Clyde Martin Humor by Virginia Allain 4
Life in the Oil Patch by Cynthia Jo Ross 8
Clyde’s Father – Charles Lorenzo Martin by Gail Martin 19
My Mother-in-Law Was Special (Cora Martin) by Gail Martin 26
Cora’s Button Collection by Gail Martin 30
Creating Heirlooms (Clyde’s sister, Dorothy Jones) by G. Martin 34
WII Kansan and his P-38 the Jayhawk (Clyde’s brother, Ralph) 40

The Golden Crossroads,Oil Field Memories by Clyde’s Uncle Ivan 45
Grandpa Joy’s Dilemma by Gail Martin 53
Four Generations at Prairie Belle by Gail Martin 55
Black Jack on the Santa Fe Trail by Gail Martin 70
More about Black Jack & Clyde’s Family History 77
Christmas 1958 by Gail Martin 83
Thoughts on My Dad on His 83rd Birthday by Virginia Allain 85
Fresh Produce, Homemade Goodies by Kenna Bruner 88
The Original El Dorado Farmer’s Market by Gail Martin 91
A Lot of Lincoln is on Our Bookshelves by Gail Martin 99
A Diary of Retirement Life by Gail Martin 101
Wagon Wheels Are Rolling in Kansas by Gail Martin 104
Clyde’s Method for Hulling Black Walnuts 108
Clyde’s Method for Rototilling 111
Lessons Learned from My Father by Virginia Allain 113
Clyde and Gail’s Children 116
More about the Authors 118


Clyde Owen Martin family tree

Clyde Owen Martin family tree


One Response to “Gail’s Second Book Is Now Out”

  1. Melba Lu Says:

    WOW I AM IMPRESSED! My cousin the author!

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